Medical Consultations

Medical Consultations

Medical Consultations offered in Georgia.

Medical consultations are always tailored to your unique health needs and goals. Rolandine Vaughan, PA-C, MPAS, and her exceptional team at Virtually Urgent Healthcare (VUH) in Dacula, Georgia, Bloomington, Minnesota, and Bryan, Texas, offer medical consultations for many health concerns through a safe telemedicine platform. To find out more about flexible medical care, call VUH or book an appointment online today. 

What are telehealth medical consultations?

Medical consultations explore the possible physiological, psychological, and environmental factors that may contribute to symptoms. If you have an ongoing health problem, you may require more than one telehealth appointment to access your condition.

Once you have finished your initial consultation with VUH, they will discuss treatment options with you. 

They can also monitor progress if you require medication management or ongoing treatment to assess the effectiveness of these treatments and make accommodations as needed.

What happens during telehealth medical consultations?

VUH takes a compassionate, holistic approach to care. The specific details of your medical consultation depend on your medical history and health concerns. 

The providers at VUH ask questions about your personal medical history, symptoms, and daily routine. They may also perform a virtual physical exam. However, if you require other diagnostic tests to assess your health better, they might refer you to a specialist. 

What happens after a telehealth medical consultation?

After your medical consultation at VUH, they will spend time talking to you about what they have gathered from the consultation. 

Then, VUH develops a treatment plan to improve your overall well-being and prevent your risk of health complications. Your treatment plan depends on your condition and may include medications, lifestyle changes, or referrals to other health specialists.

What are the benefits of medical consultations using telehealth?

Telehealth allows patients to visit with doctors over video technology for diagnosis and treatment of many health conditions. It also provides patients a chance to easily schedule medical consultations or follow-up care. 

Other benefits include:

  • Less time spent waiting for appointments 
  • More flexible scheduling and ongoing support 
  • Ability to share at-home conditions 
  • Easy access to medical care 
  • Convenient care for people who are immunocompromised 
  • Flexibility to travel anywhere 

Medical consultations through telehealth offer the best opportunity for you to receive care from the comfort of home, without having to travel to the office or schedule your day around your appointment. Instead, you can schedule your appointment around your normal daily activities. 

To find out more about receiving medical consultations through secure telehealth, call VUH or book a telehealth appointment online today.