Why Choose VUH?

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Virtually Urgent Healthcare is an urgent care practice focused on supplying our patients with compassionate and convenient healthcare through our cyber secure telemedicine platform. We believe everyone should have access to affordable healthcare, therefore, we offer a self-pay option to our patients for evaluations and treatments. We will be accepting insured patients in the near future, but for now we only accept self-pay payments. Virtually Urgent Healthcare is determined to give each patient the attention they need in helping with their medical conditions. We assess and treat our patients in an efficient, convenient, and compassionate manner.

Collectively, our experienced medical team has over 26 years in practicing medicine specializing in emergency and urgent care medicine. Our team consists of nationally board-certified clinicians. We complete continuing medical education annually and practice up to date evidenced-based medicine in helping our patients on their road to a healthy recovery.

VUH Benefits

Conventional Urgent Care & ERs

After working in emergency and urgent care medicine for over a decade, I have noticed a drastic decline in patient compassion. Patients seeking help for their medical needs are being shuffled through medical facilities like cattle for the sake of money.

I chose the healthcare profession to listen attentively, to sympathize, and to help my patients with their medical concerns. Now, through VUH, I am able to practice medicine as it was intended, with compassion. VUH rights the wrong that medicine has evolved into by putting the interest of our patients first!

Rolandine Vaughan PA-C, MPAS 

VUH Owner & Medical Director