Did you know?

Men's Health Awareness

We all love the men in our lives, our fathers, husbands, grandfathers, uncles, sons, brothers, nephews, and cousins.  We look to them for guidance, protection, provision, and comfort.  As much as they do for us and as much as we depend on them, they are still human and have to be cared for too.  June is Men’s Health Awareness month.  What better time to share the importance of health with the men in our lives than now.

Our men are suffering with a myriad of health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancers.  I sometimes wonder how many of these medical conditions could have been prevented or detected earlier if men held health as a priority in their lives.  About 30,000 men, in the U.S. alone, die from prostate cancer a year.  Men have a higher mortality rate due to the leading causes of death, i.e. heart disease, suicide, diabetes, cancer, etc.  Studies show that men, on average, live about 5 years less than women.  Fifty percent of the male population will develop some form of cancer.

As daunting as the previous information is, we must use it to our advantage.  How do we do that you ask? Men, you must make your annual physical appointments.  Studies show that men schedule half as many prevention health provider visits than women.  Guys, you have to make your health a priority.  You can’t protect, provide, comfort, and guide effectively if you are not well and you definitely can’t  if you’re dead.  Please take this seriously, if not for yourselves then for the ones you love and who love you!  Schedule your next annual physical with your primary care health provider today. Knowledge is power!