Why Choose VUH?

About Us

Virtually Urgent Healthcare is an urgent care practice focused on supplying our patients with compassionate and convenient healthcare through our cyber secure telemedicine platform. We believe everyone should have access to affordable healthcare, therefore, we do not require insurance coverage for evaluations and treatments. We only accept self-pay payments. Virtually Urgent Healthcare is determined to give each patient the attention they need in helping with their medical conditions. We assess and treat our patients in an efficient, convenient, and professional manner.

Collectively, our experienced medical team has over 26 years in practicing medicine specializing in emergency and urgent care medicine. Our team consists of nationally board-certified clinicians. We complete continuing medical education annually and practice up to date evidenced-based medicine in helping our patients on their road to a healthy recovery.

Letter from the Owner

After working in emergency medicine for 14 years and urgent care medicine for 8 years, I have seen how medicine has evolved in good ways, with medicinal advancements and more effective technological ways in helping patients, but I have also witnessed the bad too.  Through my time in healthcare service, I have seen the decline of excellent “bedside manner” to no time for “bedside manner” at all. Patients, now more than ever, are being shuffled through medical centers as cattle for the sake of making money.  There’s no time to show compassion to patients, because time is money, so I’ve been told, in so many words.  I got into this profession so I can help the sick. How can you help patients without making time for compassion, taking time to sympathize with them, and to affectively hear them out about their medical concerns?  

In most cases, I would evaluate and treat emergency department patients who were seeking medical attention for urgent, not emergent complaints.  This was because they did not have a primary care physician, they lacked health insurance, or in most cases both.  I provided my trained medical care to my patients, while the medical facility would bill them for services costing hundreds and thousands of dollars.  My heart went out to them, knowing that this was just debt accruing for them that would make their lives significantly harder financially.  Every shift, I had to turn a blind eye to how patients were being taking advantage of through medical charges.

Putting financial strain on patients for greed sake and treating patients inhumanely were two major factors that led me to open Virtually Urgent Healthcare (VUH)!  I am a clinician determined to fight for patients to receive thorough, compassionate, and affordable healthcare and to give each patient the attention they need in helping with their medical conditions. Medicine is not the only way to heal, sometimes holistic knowledge and medical guidance is all that is needed and VUH can supply that too, through our services.  Virtually Urgent Healthcare is my way of giving back not only through medical care, but also righting the wrong that medicine, as a whole, has evolved into. At VUH, we put the best interest of our patients first.  Your health is our main concern!

Health and Blessings,

Rolandine Vaughan, PA-C, MPAS

VUH Owner & Medical Director